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When we order a new item for the collections it can sometimes feel just like receiving a present when it comes in the mail!  I filmed a quick video as we opened our newest acquisition - a puzzling map from the Milton Bradley Company from the 1880s.  Enjoy!

Note - if you are scared of editing video, I filmed clips on my iPad, uploaded directly to YouTube, and used their built in tools.  It was intuitive and you can learn too.

Have you checked under the couch cushions for West Virginia? :)

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    oooh, this is really neat, I love puzzles! couldn’t stop thinking of the U.S. map puzzle from Warnings at Waverly...
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    Looks like there’s a state missing!
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  11. bradyt26 said: Thank you for the confidence boost on youtube editing! I was definitely scared to do it. I love your tumblr! I think it’s fascinating. I’m a Cyclone in Korea but reading your posts reminds me of home! Thank you so much for sharing!
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    I knew the USA was falling apart but I didn’t know it had gone this far.
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